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Today’s case study focuses on a landscaping business with 18 full time employees, 6 part time workers, and 15-20 seasonal contractors during peak months. The company provides landscaping and lawn maintenance services to businesses and residential clients in a large suburban area.

During the six months previous to implementing Workforce Management Suite, the owner had been setting up an automated system to schedule jobs, bill clients, and send email service reminders. When that process was up and working, he noticed the stark contrast between streamlined client management operations and employee timekeeping processes that were stuck in the last millennium.

Manual Timekeeping Was Inaccurate and Poorly Managed

Time and attendance tracking was haphazard due to pen and paper time cards and the mobile nature of the business. Employees were rarely at the office where the time cards and punch machine were kept. They spent their days pulling trailers of plants and lawn care equipment to job sites around the city. When it came time to turn in time cards for payroll twice a month, the staff members often had to guess shift start and end times after the fact. 

The owner also knew that Excel wasn’t the most efficient way to create crew schedules and looked forward to improving that tedious task as well.

Solution — Workforce Management Suite

Workforce Management Suite consists of TimeWorksPlus for employee timekeeping, TimeSimplicity for scheduling, and TimeWorks Mobile, the mobile app that allows for anytime, anywhere access.

Employees Carry The HR Department in Their Pockets

TimeWorks Mobile brought order and oversight to offsite employee time and attendance immediately. Few devices serve us like our smartphones, and when combined with TimeWorks Mobile, employees carry the HR department in their pocket. They can clock in/out, check their schedule, monitor PTO accruals, submit shift change requests, and communicate with everyone in the company.

TimeWorksPlus With TimeWorksTouch

  • Cloud-based time and attendance
  • Employee state awareness puts an end to punch errors
  • Clock lock-out and schedule enforcement 
  • Overtime alerts
  • Ideal for landscaping companies with offsite workers and contractors
  • Customizable pay rules, overtime calculations, compliance requirements, and accrual tracking
  • Employee portal for time-off requests, time card approvals, and PTO balance monitoring

Labor Savings

The owner noticed that his payroll costs decreased after the employees started using TimeWorks Mobile. He surmised that prior to the change, payroll had been unnecessarily inflated because of missed and duplicate punches that were not accurately corrected when it was time to turn in time cards in the end-of-pay-period mad dash.

Convenience and Oversight

Now employees show up to work, open TimeWorksTouch on their phone, and clock in. They already check their phone app first thing to see their job schedule for the day. And with Pinpoint GPS location snapshots, the owner knows that his offsite staff is where they should be. He can also add notes to timecards, view time off requests, and monitor time and attendance from anywhere.

With TimeSimplicity, scheduling also received a much-needed makeover. The owner loves the built-in schedule templates that can be customized by dragging-and-dropping and replicated in seconds as needed.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how rapidly the company was able to set up and implement the system. The staff members learned to use Workforce Management Suite in less time than it takes to reload line in a weed trimmer.

More Time to Grow the Business

Two months after the transition, the owner had reduced admin time so dramatically that he was able to start working on a marketing campaign targeted to commercial clients. The effort has paid off—he has brought in dozens of new high-paying contracts since transforming employee management with Workforce Management Suite.

Workforce Management Suite easily manages the complex time and attendance logistics of businesses with mobile workers. Let us show you what it can do for your business. Call (610) 495-7166 to schedule a demo today.

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