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Express Data Systems Workforce Management Suite

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Out With Overtime

With new DOL regulations that impact employers in Pennsylvania and all over the country, overtime leads to more than just additional payroll.

Even a 15-minute per day variation in employee clock in or out can be a crippling expense. Workforce Management Suite integrates scheduling with time and attendance to help you better manage schedule adherence including restricted clocking times, triggers, and notifications that expose areas of abuse and risk. Even with standard settings, you can save a considerable amount in hard overtime costs, and avoid penalties and time-and-a-half situations before they take place.

Save Your Schedule

Tracking employee time is important, however this isn’t your greatest area of friction when it comes to managing your schedule. Managing last-minute scheduling modifications including shift swapping, sick time coverage, and overlaps can be an expensive waste of time.

Workforce Management Suite can save your schedule with integrated tools including TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity for managing time and attendance more capably. Workforce Management Suite shifts scheduling accountability to your employees to decrease management impact.


Save Time with Automation

Advanced Team Scheduling

Makes Tracking Overtime Easy

Raise Employee Retention

Down With Deviations

When employees are absent or tardy, a cascade of costs build up and create a ripple of expense through your entire organization. Workforce Management Suite helps lessen this impact by allowing management to share the accountability for rescheduling with employees.

Easy-to-use virtual swapping and pickup boards abolish time-consuming calling frenzies. Automated record keeping provides supporting documentation for disciplinary actions and helps you address chronic employee issues.

Raising Retention

You’ll welcome saving time and money, and you’ll also enjoy a boost in employee retention.

Workforce Management Suite helps you manage employees with fewer problems and conflicts while providing greater flexibility and control in time and scheduling.

Our integration with payroll services provides an enlarged reliability and even fewer reasons to think about options.

Upgrade and Save

One simple move will save you a lot of money while improving time management. The result is better employee performance and higher employee retention.

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time and attendance

Time & Attendance

Cloud-based management, mobile employees, easily configured with advanced features.
time and attendance


Automated tools that manage the difficult challenges of team scheduling with ease.
time and attendance


Workforce management on the go with remote punch in, timecard review and scheduling.
Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration

Full integration with your payroll system means you’ll increase savings and reduce errors.